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CAMDrive - Bluetooth Camera&Slider Controller Unterkategorien: 6 Dateien: 15

CAMDrive is a Bluetooth Camera&Slider controller for use in combination with an andoid phone.

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TimelapseTransitionMaker Dateien: 1

The TimelapseTransitionMaker (TTM) is an image pre-processing software that allows you to prepare time-lapse videos.

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IRDA - Infrared -Switch / -LED Dimmer Unterkategorien: 1 Dateien: 5

IR-Aktor mit Schaltrelais oder alternativ mit Mosfet-Schaltung zum Schalten und Dimmen von LED-Streifen per Infrarot Fernbedinung.


IR actuator with relay or alternatively with mosfet circuit for switching and dimming a LED strip via infrared remote control.


MYDATA CAD-Converter Unterkategorien: 1 Dateien: 4

The "MYdata TPsys CAD converter" is a small universal program which read the pick and place export data of the most pcb design softwares out there, and converts them to a machine readable MYdata TPsys ".pcb" file, so that the smt machine is programmed quickly.


MYDATA MYSQL Traceability Sync Dateien: 1

A simple tool to automaticaly export the traceability data from your MYdata machine to a external MYSQL server.
It is used to syncronise/backup your tracability data to an MYSQL/MariaDB server so you can use this data in your own ERP System.