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MYdata TPsys CAD converter v.51/2015n

This MYdata CAD converter program, make it easy to programm a new pcb by importing usually available CAD data.


- Importing nearly any XY placement data (.txt.csv .... ) and export it to a MYdata TPSYS readable format.
- A editable preview table of the imported data
- SAVE and LOAD import parameters
- mirroring X and Y axis for a placing components on the bottom side of a pcb.
- Graphical preview of the mounting data which displays the position of the components and their  angles.
- A help button which leads to a small tutorial on my website
- NEW! Search and Replace components in your assembling list with components from your machine!


a Windows based computer
.NET Framework


Attention: This Download ist a locked edition!

It will only export the first 20 lines, if you are not a registered user.

For detailed information to buy/unlock to the full version please send me a mail to hannes[at]rohrhofer(dot)org

For more information look here:


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