Build up (eng)

basic Functionality
The linear guide and the camera car
The Control Unit
The Motor Driver
The Protocoll


basic Functionality

The cam drive controller sends serial data to the motor driver, which is also the trigger electronics for the camera, so only one cable to the camera car is necessary.

The communication interface is designed so that it is possible to expand more axes of motion.

Concept CamDrive(concept)


The linear guide and the camera car




Schrittmotor 1 Stk.
NEMA 23 Baugröße(57 x 57mm) 1.8° Schrittwinkel
Getriebe 1Stk.
Getriebe 4Nm 50:1
Getriebe-Adaptersatz 1 Stk.
Zahnriemen T5 300cm
PU-Zahnriemen Profil T5 Breite 10mm Meterware 10 T5 (Polyurethan mit Stahl-Zugstrang)
Klemmplatte 2 Stk.
Klemmplatte aus AL für Zahnriemen Profil T5 Riemenbreite 10mm
Zahnriehmenrad 1 Stk.
T5 27 Zähne für Riemenbreite 10mm 21 T5/27-2
Linearführung L=xxx mm

2x AL-Platten 200x180x2mm
2x L Profil 60x60x6mm
Schrauben usw.


The Control Unit

The control unit includes a variety of time-lapse applications, the 20x4 LC-Display and a keypad.
The source code is written in Bascom and available on request.

Circuit diagram Control Unit:



the motor driver

first Prototype

The motor driver consists of a stepper motor controller and trigger electronics for the camera.

Circuit diagram motor driver:



the protocol

The protocol is designed for universal and is using a serial connection,to control a variety of motion axes.
The first char is sent in to set the function, after which the next chars, up to 4 digits, defines the parameter values.

"R100" 100 steps to the right moves
"L84" turn left 84 steps
sends the focus signal 140ms long to the Camera
"S50", the trigger signal is sent 50 ms long to then Camera

Further axes are contemplated that instead of "R" right - should be used "L" left, for example, "A" & "B" stands for an another axis.

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